A stunning contemporary piece expressing rebirth and regeneration. Dancers illustrate a cold grey period in life coming to an end, and a new season beginning.  Complete with the most stunning technical contemporary dancers and an incredibly talented live musician, this is a truly gorgeous show that leaves audiences breath taken, in a standing ovation. 


“When it came time to assembling our crew for the Heroes For Hire ‘Heart Stops’ video, Chantel came highly recommended by a number of people in the industry.
Her attention to detail, willingness to work around our tight schedule, preparation, organization, quality of dancers and efforts on the day resulted in a stress-free​ shoot.
The choreography that Chantel prepared was visually impressive, both from the perspective of the seasoned dancers involved and newcomers (such as ourselves) to the format.
The creative approach she took to the choreography matched the visual element of our clip was the song itself, ensuring that it’s our best looking – and most cohesive – video to date.

Cameron - Half Cut Records

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